8 Hottest Drinks for Summer 2021

As the weather is getting warmer it brings with it a sense of freedom and hope that has been missing during a lockdown winter.

We can imagine (hopefully) sitting in a beer garden with a drink in hand, enjoying the freedom as restrictions start to lift.

What will be your drink of choice this summer? We have served up the top 8 that we predict will be at the top of the list in 2021.


1. Wine in a Can

At the end of 2019, the data showed that the canned wine market was worth more than £3.6million.

With social restrictions still likely to be enforced over the summer, people are looking for a more portable way to enjoy a drink.

Taking a few chilled cans of wine to an outdoor meeting is much more practical than a bottle and a glass.

Although wine connoisseurs are still not convinced, the canned wine is following in the footsteps of the craft beer market.

Eye-catching branding and a more premium product are catching the attention of the more middleweight wine drinkers.


2. Celebrity Rose Wine

Although rose has always been enjoyed in the summer months, we are seeing an increase in demand for what is known as celebrity rose.

Whispering Angel has captured this market for the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Celebrities such as David Beckham have posted about enjoying this pale pink wine and this only fuelled its popularity.

Jumping on this bandwagon, many celebrities are also releasing their own rose, including rapper Post Malone, Kylie Minogue, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jon Bon Jovi, Sir Ian Botham, Sting, Sarah Jessica Parker and John Legend, to name a few!


3. Flavoured Rum

This one is probably our outsider prediction but with rum, following the same path as the gin revolution, it’s one we had to include.

As covered in our post Is Rum the New Gin? we have seen the development of more adventurous types of rum, especially in the flavoured rum market.

Experimenting with flavoured rums and mixers will ensure the perfect drink this summer.


4. Organic Wine

Many of us are becoming more aware of what we consume and how the production of that affects the world we live in.

As a result of this, we are turning to organic food and drink, health and beauty products and textiles.

Although organic wine is still a very small percentage of the total UK wine market a Nielsen RMS study reported a 47% increase with sales hitting £50 million at the end of 2019.

We predict that this trend will continue alongside the increased awareness of organic products in general.


5. Fruity IPAs

These fresh IPA’s are the perfect session drink for beer lovers and those who wouldn’t normally turn to beer on a sunny afternoon.

The fruity flavour is the main event, which means they go down very easily, which makes it a very drinkable beer.

However, there is enough of a hoppy undertone to satisfy the more hardcore beer drinker.

Fourpure, Highwire and Tiny Rebel have all got canned offerings, that will get your taste buds going this summer.


6. Low and No Alcohol Beers

During the summer of the first lockdown, it may have felt that we were drinking more than usual.

Whilst we face another uncertain summer in 2021, this time round we predict people will be trying low and no alcohol beers.

This appeals to old and young alike. For the more health-conscious this is a no brainer and for those of us getting older, it is the perfect answer for drinking on a school night!


7. Sparkling Red Wine

As we covered in a previous blog post The Rise of Sparkling Red Wine, we have seen the increase in popularity of this darker variety of fizz.

As it is recommended to be enjoyed slightly chilled it is the perfect way to top and tail the summer months.

It gives the drinker the body and depth of red wine but the sparkle and temperature lends it to a summertime drink.

Several types of sparkling red are now available, however the most popular are a Lambrusco or sparkling Shiraz.


8. Hard Seltzers

These are relatively new to the UK market but have been taking the US by storm over the past couple of years.

Hard seltzer is a low calorie, alcoholic, sparkling flavoured water.

It is particularly popular with younger, more health-conscious men and women.

It is easy to drink, refreshing and without the overhead of the calories or carbs that come with the more traditional wine and beer.