Feliz Navidad from Victoria Malaga

We recently visited the Cervezas Victoria brewery in Malaga to see first hand how this Spanish beer is made.

If you haven’t yet tried it, Victoria is a refreshing beer with a balanced body and taste. It is a light, golden colour and has a fine, sparkling, white head.

Its slogan, “Malagueña y Exquisita”, which means “From Malaga and Exquisite”, is not just a slogan but also defines the soul of this beer. Extremely proud to be from Malaga and carefully made with the traditional slow maturation process, which ensures its exquisite flavour.

Premium lager is currently experiencing an boom in sales. This is demonstrated by the almost doubling of market share over the past five years, going from 11.7% in 2017 to 22.7% in 2022.

These premium lagers were initially born out of Italy with brands such as Moretti, Poretti, San Miguel, and Peroni taking the lead. However as this trend continues we are now seeing newcomers, such as Madri, enter the market with a bang.

With exciting, new names such as Victoria Malaga, you can capatalise on this consumer demand by offering something slightly different.

Available from Cellar Drinks Co. in 30L kegs, this 4.8% ABV is suitable all year round.