Society of Vintners very own Master of Wine, Sam Caporn, shares her recommendations for Christmas wines...

Present Wrapping

A glass of fizz for present wrapping! Juggle the sellotape and Nua Prosecco DOC.

Christmas Parties

With nibbles, canapes etc La Fornarina Prosecco Rose DOC Extra Dry, this will go with all sorts of nibbles from charcuterie board, olives, crisps and even little Indian pakoras. If you are looking for still wines, then go for a couple of crowd friendly styles such as Peregrino Pinot Grigio and a soft red such as San Giorgio Montepulciano.


Christmas Lunch

If you are starting with smoked salmon nibbles then maybe you will forgo a starter but if you are having something seafood/fishy then the Prosecco can be carried over from drinks to starter. Or have a dry white wine (again for the fresh lemony, acidity principle) such as a popular Sauvignon Blanc (the Chilean Volandas, perhaps) or a classic Chablis (Chablis L’Onciale is a great choice).

Turkey, so the issue with Turkey is all the trimmings as there is SO much flavour on the plate; and the essence of food and wine matching is to match the wine with the boldest flavour on the plate which isn’t really the turkey. 

So whilst it is customary to suggest a crunchy red (which we should still do) a red that packs a bit more of a punch works well with the sprouts, gravy, parsnips and so on. 

Personally, I enjoy a Rioja so the award winning Los Vinateros Rioja Crianza would be a good suggestion; but as well a lighter red, a warmer climate Shiraz such as Mountbridge Reserve Shiraz would fit the bill. For a classic light red the NZ bottled Riversdale Pinot Noir is excellent.

If you are serving beef, then you can go for a full bodied red and actually the Rioja and the Shiraz would work well here too (the trimmings are the same it is just the protein that has changed) and the Lomas Carrera Cabernet Sauvignon would match well with the red meat!

For the Veggies, a Nut Roast or Beetroot Wellington would also work well with a ripe New Zealand Pinot Noir like the Riversdale or Neptune Point Pinot Noir. For a white wine, I think a Chenin would be marvellous (Kleindal Chenin Blanc is the one).


Boxing Day

Ham or sausage rolls and leftovers! A great match with ham is again Chenin Blanc or a Pinot Gris (Riversdale from New Zealand or Tempus Two from Australia) – or a fruity juicy Pinot Noir.

 Enjoy and Happy Christmas!


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